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Extra! Brazilian launches 3D Printer in Morro do Alemão - startblog

Lucas Lima, 24 years old, resident of Rio de Janeiro in complexo do Alemão. Graduated in mechanical engineering, built a model capable of printing three-dimensional objects.

Extra! Brazilian launches 3D Printer in Morro do Alemão - startblog

He came up with the idea of building his own 3D printer while he was an intern at the college where he studied. As buying a printer was extremely expensive, he began researching, and aftertwo weeks of studies, developed a prototype at a manufacturing cost of approximately R$ 680 – 25 times cheaper than a conventional 3D printer.

"Maria" 3D printer in honor of the mother

He went to the old irons around complexo do Alemão, managing to pick up engines and some parts. After two months, I managed tomake the first printer, called Graber.

Graber is an open, simple and efficient model that makes 3D printing with multiple polymers. But Lucas wanted an even better one. He spent two more months studying a lot of programming and rummaging through more garbage, until he reached a model that prints only with a type of polymer and has potential for large-scale production. He named him "Mary", in honor of his mother.

Lucas Lima presents his 3D modeling at startblog

Thus came Infill, a 3D print factory in complexo do Alemão that includes the Maker Space project, with qualification courses in technology for young people, which will later be forwarded to work in the production of low-cost machines.

"The idea is tohave a technology 100% favela, to show that we are more than statistics of violence, we are the future",says Lucas.

Infill team recognized by the project

"What motivated me to have such a machine is to be able to create whatever I want. It's like she's the ceiling on my imagination. And if I give a 3D printer to a young man in the community, he can do whatever he wants."

Lucas Lima and his team at the awards - startblog

"I see, in 5 or 6 years, the communities of Rio turning virtually Wakandas, with young black people making 3D printer applications, creating machines. That's what I want for my company. It's not just making a product. What I want is transformation."

Infill, a 3D printer factory in Complexo do Alemão - startblog

Lucas won the Shell Youth Initiative award, because he thought outside thebox, did not accept the limitations presented to him and reinvented himself. I'm sure we'll still hear a lot about Engineer Lucas Limas, who makes a difference in his community and doesn't want to stop there!

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